As Lutheran Christians, we believe worship is two-fold. It is Divine Service--where God Himself comes to us through His Word and through Holy Baptism and Holy Communion (the Sacraments.) He serves us His grace, love, and forgiveness in Christ. Our response is also worship. More than just music, we worship him with our whole lives--in word and action, in daily service and devotion.

Cross Lutheran has a nursery available in the Sanctuary each Sunday morning during Sunday School and during Worship services. It is for young children and is staffed by volunteers. While we encourage families to worship together, we offer the Nursery for parents who would like to worship free of potential distractions of their young children.

Holy Communion
Motivated by biblical principles and with pastoral concern ,this congregation of Lutheran Christians practices "
close communion".(1 Cor. 10:I6, 17-21 & 11:26-29)

Learn more about our beliefs concerning the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

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