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Christmas Season is upon us again! What a beautiful time. Colorful, sparkling lights. Bright, shinny wrappings. Cookies shaped like stockings and Santa. Gingerbread houses. Hams and turkeys.Family gatherings.This is a wonderful time with rich traditions.However, all of these traditions can fill up our schedules pretty quick.Suddenly, it becomes about running from place to place rather than about Christ.“Christ-mas” becomes just “mas”, robbed of its true purpose.

Society further attempts to take Christmas out of Christmas.Gifts, Santas, Reindeer, and any other secular rendition of Christmas can easily take our eyes off our savior, whom we are supposed to life up during this time.However, we are not likely to forget the true reason for the season. We rejoice because God has gifted his son to us during this time. 

During this busy time, let us do at least two things this year, as always.Let us share the good news and peace that we have received from God with others.All of these traditions have Christians roots, so we can use these as hooks to bring people to the Gospel.We give gifts because God gave us the ultimate gift. We decorate extravagantly because we anticipate the coming of the King of Kings.

First and foremost, let us “be still and know that God is God.”This is referenced from Psalm 46:10.When you read this Psalm, a favorite of Luther’s, you notice something remarkable. God is telling us to be still during great turmoil.The seas are roaring.The mountains are trembling.Wars are raging. Then God commands, “Be still.”How can we do this?One answer is present right there in the psalm.God is our fortress (verse 11).Though the world is in turmoil around us, though the very ground beneath us quakes, we can stand firmly upon the unmovable fortress that is our God.We can be still and unshakable by resting on Him.We can have peace beyond our understanding in God who provides us with all things.We can be still by taking a few minutes before we start our day to pray and meditate on God’s word.Maybe you can only start with one verse. That is a good start.We can also pause our busy weeks in the middle by attending advent services on Wednesday evenings.These are just two ways that we can allow God to reshape us in Him this year.

We can stand boldly, with great joy and peace, because God is our fortress. 

Vicar Dwight Wyeth

What is a Vicar?

You might be asking, “What is a Vicar?”  For the preparation of future pastors, The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod seminary training is a four year, post-graduate (after college) program.  The first two years are spent in the classroom (at either Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, or Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Indiana).  The third year is a year-long internship, called a “Vicarage,” with a congregation.  Among the many things a Vicar does:  preaching and teaching; hospital and shut in calls; attending meetings; basically, getting to know the pastoral ministry in as well-rounded a way as possible.  The fourth year of training is back at the seminary before the student is graduated with a Master of Divinity degree.  Please keep our Vicar in your prayers this year as he prepares to serve Christ’s Church as a pastor.

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