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Cross Lutheran School 8th Grade Graduation 
Excerpt from the Valedictorian Addresses of
Whitney Lohse
(daughter of Roy & Amy Lohse;  granddaughter of Rusty & Kerry Grunwald)

10 years; 100 months; roughly 3000 days; 22,500 hours of my life have been spent inside the walls of this school.  That’s a lot of minutes! (1 million, 350 thousand to be exact.  But who’s counting.)  Who’s counting? I am.  Because every minute on this campus has impacted my life.  And I know I’m not the only one.  So...I just want to take a few MORE minutes to say...THANK YOU!  Every person here today has contributed to the success of this school.  ...For every parent or grandparent who has gotten us to and from school, paid tuition, sat through countless programs—Thank you!  ...For every church member who supports the mission of our school—Thank you!...To every teacher or staff member who has served and given their time and talents at Cross—you poured your hearts and souls into each of us.  Thank you!  EVERYONE involved in our school impacts lives daily.  I know that might sound phony, or typical, but your contributions really are changing us as people.  Helping us grow.  Spiritually and mentally!  Some kids may walk into this school not truly knowing who Jesus is AT ALL!  But thanks to you, their time here strengthens their walk and their relationship with Christ.  THAT’S LIFE CHANGING!

August 26 Teacher Dedication for all teachers in our congregation.  (8:30 & 11:00)
August 26
Back Pack Blessings (8:30 & 11:00)  All students!  Bring your backpacks to church today!
August 26
All-Parent Meeting (4pm in the Sanctuary) & Back-to-School BBQ Bash (5p in the Gym)  

August 29 First Day of School
Sept. 12 Grandparents/Grandfriends Brunch & Chapel

Are you looking for a great way to support ministries at Cross Lutheran Church and School by doing some of the things you already do?  Check these out:

If you shop, try pointing your browser to  You get the same Amazon selection, but a percentage of your purchases are given back to Cross.  Be sure to designate Cross Lutheran Church and School.

If you drink Coke products, be sure to save mycokerewards information from boxes of cans or the lids from coke bottles.  Go to to upload your points.  You can donate them to Cross Lutheran School.  Points can be used for equipment purchases and other neat ways!

Watch your groceries for the Box Tops for Education label.  Every box top is worth 10 cents.  It may not seem like much, but it adds up quickly!  Enlist the help of your friends and family.  You can drop off Box Tops in the school office.  It’s an easy way to support our ministry!

Shop with who?  Shop with SCRIP!  SCRIP is a term for gift cards.  Did you know that you could purchase gift cards through Cross Lutheran Church and School to use in your regular shopping routine?  Going to H-E-B?  Pick up a gift card.  Because Cross gets SCRIP at a reduced rate, the savings is passed on to the church and school.  You still get your full purchase price, and everyone is all smiles! J  Scrip is available in the taco line on Sunday mornings and each day in the church/school office.

Thanks for your continued support of the ministries of Cross Lutheran Church and School!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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