Principal's Message                                                               

     Happy New Year!  With the coming of the new year, comes the celebration of National Lutheran Schools Week.  We join thousands of students, teachers, principals, pastors, and all of their families in celebrating the blessing that Lutheran schools—from early childhood centers to universities and seminaries—are to the communities in which they serve.  Our theme for the school year is Real. Present. God.  (Psalm 46:10)  The theme is shared with Lutheran schools around the world as we celebrate the blessings of the school ministry of the LCMS.

     Real.  Lutheran schools are a part of the very real lives of very real students that are very real sinners.  It’s easy to assume that students in a Christian school such as ours should behave better than those at other schools, but the real students that God has called into our ministry are dealing with real sin in their lives.  What sets our school apart from others is not how our students behave, but how we understand their place in God’s plan—as forgiven, dearly loved children in need of a Savior.  When Lutheran school students mess up, and believe me, they do, they know that the Savior’s forgiveness is real.

     Present.  Lutheran schools are focused on recognizing that God is present in all that we do.  Sure, we make it a point to study God’s Word in religion classes each week, but our teachers ensure that God’s Word is applied to every subject that our students study.  By operating a Lutheran school, our congregation daily demonstrates the very real God that is present in all of our lives.  What sets our school apart from others is not how many times we mention God in our daily curriculum, but how we acknowledge that God is present, through the power of His Holy Spirit, in all we say and do.    

     God.  God is the reason our congregation (and our Lutheran school) exists.  Because of His great love for us, His children, He has given us Jesus, a real and present Savior.  It’s a message that has to be shared.  Our response to God’s love in our lives is to share it with others.  What sets our school apart is not the excellence in classroom instruction, smaller class sizes, or teachers that care deeply about their students, but how through all of these Lutheran school characteristics, God’s love is shared with children and their families.  Our real present God is at work daily in the lives of students, teachers, and all of the families at Cross.  

     Thank you for your continued support spiritually, physically, and financially of the school ministry at Cross Lutheran.  As we continue to express our mission as One in Christ, One in Ministry, One in Mission, we boldly proclaim the love of Jesus to the families of New Braunfels, Texas, and the world!

     In the Name of our Real. Present. God.,

               Corey Brandenburger


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