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What do you love?  Hopefully, when I ask that question, you can quickly formulate a simple list of two or three nouns that fit the bill.  For example, I love Jesus; I love my wife; I love my kids; I love…well, you get the picture!  Now, list 5 things about each of those nouns that are positive.  For example, Jesus is awesome!  Jesus forgives me, a miserable sinner; Jesus is true God and true man; Jesus loves me; Jesus is always with me by the power of the Holy Spirt…Melissa is kind; Melissa is hardworking; Melissa loves me even though I’m not always easy to love; Melissa cherishes our children; My kids are funny; My kids love the Lord; My kids try to be respectful; My kids are musical; My kids love me.  Not so difficult, especially with those I love most.  

What does Cross Lutheran Church and School love?  Hopefully, when I ask that question, you can quickly formulate some values that our congregation holds up as important.  For example:  Word and Sacrament Ministry, Christian Education Ministry, School Ministry, etc.  Now, think of 10 things about each of those that are positive.  10 things?  Sure!  You can do it.  There is a lot of good happening around the Word of God in and through our congregation, and a whole bunch of it is happening in YOUR School Ministry.  It’s easy to get sidetracked by what we think needs to be different.  It’s easy to see the things with which we disagree, and sometimes even easier to withdraw our support until those things change.  

Ultimately, our ministries, and especially our school ministry need your support more than ever.  The message of the Gospel is a precious gift that God means for us to share, and Cross Lutheran School is an incredible vehicle for that to happen.  Is it the only way?  No!  Of course, not…there are lots of ways we share the love of Jesus here at Cross Lutheran Church and School, and without the support of each and every member of our congregation and school community, our efforts to share Jesus will not have their greatest impact.  As your school principal, I encourage you to consider how important (even if you don’t use it) our school ministry is, and I humbly ask you to give prayerful consideration to supporting and encouraging the school ministry in your words, your prayers, and your actions.  

Our school ministry (along with so many other ministries at Cross) is a blessing to more than 160 students and their families each and every day.  The faculty and staff are blessed to serve in a congregation that values school ministry and wants to see it flourish.   As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we notice that the landscape of education (and even Lutheran schools) has changed dramatically over time, but like our school theme this year suggests, it is in Christ Alone that we stand.  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)  In a world that is constantly changing, our children need to hear this message more and more.  Thank you for helping us to stand strong IN CHRIST ALONE!

In Jesus, 

Corey Brandenburger, Principal

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