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My Dear College Student,

As I write this, I have just left you at Concordia University Texas for your first year of college.  It’s unbelievable to me that you are embarking upon this new journey in life.  It seems like yesterday that you trusted your mom and me for everything.  I remember a time when you were a toddler that I left you in your car seat (in the car in the garage) and told you I’d be right back.  I left the garage and went to check the mail down the street.  (As a side note, the temperature outside was not dangerous to you in any way.)  When I returned, I passed through the garage and shut the door leaving you in the pitch dark.  It wasn’t long before I realized that you were still sitting out there, and as I ran to get you, I was sure that you’d be screaming in terror.  But, when I opened the car door, you were sitting there, happily, singing songs and waiting for me to come get you just like I had promised.  You showed me how much you trusted me, and I have always thought that it was one of those moments that reminds us of how we can find joy even in the darkest moments—when we trust in Jesus and His promise to come back for us!

We’ve learned a lot of lessons over the years.  We’ve learned that moms and dads should check little ones’ feet before driving all the way to school.  We’ve learned that as hard as it can be, moms and dads shouldn’t rush in to bail out a student when she is struggling, but should be there to provide support and guidance.  We learned that when moms and dads find ways to make sure the family eats together as much as possible, even if it means we all eat late, that a family grows closer.  We learned that when moms and dads set high expectations for kindness, empathy, service, and academics, their children meet and exceed them.  We learned that when moms and dads establish that worship, bible study, and youth group are not optional, that children learn the importance of setting aside time each week for Jesus and His work in our lives.  We learned that one day, it would be time to take these lessons and so many more from a childhood filled with ups and downs, sorrows and joys, and the love of Christ and apply them to a new chapter in life.

Today, you headed off to college, and it’s my turn to put my trust in you.  And I know, that because of all of the love and care that your family, friends, teachers, youth leaders, congregation members, and Jesus have poured into you, you have exactly what it takes to succeed in this new adventure.  Sure, it’s going to have challenges.  You’re going to have times when you feel scared, lonely, or overwhelmed.  We all do!  Just know that Jesus is with you, and your mom and I (and a whole bunch of others) can’t wait to see what adventures God has in store for you as you take the world by storm!  And remember, that Jesus promised to come back for you one day, so no matter what, you can sing with confidence and joy in His enduring promise.  I love you, my little tornado!  May God bless you as you seek to serve Him in all things!

Love,  Dad

Even though some of our kiddos are off to new schools, there are still great things happening here at Cross!  Be sure to mark your calendars and join us!:

Grandparents’/Grandfriends’ Day Chapel (8:30am) September 11

Cook’s Night IN at Cross (meal from 5:30-6:30) September 19

Comal County Parade Day September 27


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