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Real. Present. God.  As we march on through the school year, we are continually reminded through our school year theme of the love that our real present God has for us.  Our Lutheran school ministry is an important part of how we as a community of believers share our Savior’s love with the community and the world.  It’s an exciting place to be.  This month, I thought we’d look at our Lutheran school ministry using the letters from the word, MARCH.

M is for Meaningful.  A Lutheran school education is meaningful.  As Lutheran Christians, our congregation along with thousands of others have made it a point to ensure that careful, thorough, and biblically sound doctrine is a part of the daily life of our students, families, and staff.  Many of our students come to us unfamiliar with the love of Jesus, but as they become part of the Cross family, they are given meaningful opportunities to hear, learn, and live out the Good News each day.  In meaningful ways, we help make God real to our students.

A is for Academic.  Our Lutheran school ministry is a place with strong academics.  Currently, our graduates hold spots in the top 10 of their classes at all of our local high schools.  Those are some smart kids that were encouraged and nurtured in a Lutheran school.  We keep our academics strong as we assess curriculum and seek to hire and sustain excellent teachers.  Your continued and strong support of the professionals that staff our school ministry is an important way that you allow Cross to uphold high academic integrity.  God is real and present as we help His children grow and learn each day.

R is for Resources.  At Cross, we’re blessed to share a variety of terrific resources.  We have volunteers such as the Love Committee, our Parent/Teacher organization (TEAM), our volunteer readers and librarians that come and assist each day.  We also have terrific facilities and space to grow.  Thanks for continuing to share God’s blessings with our community through your support of the resources at Cross.  God uses His real and present people to make great things happen in His school at Cross Lutheran.

C is for Christ-centered.  It’s certainly no secret that Jesus Christ is at the center of everything we do.  Our REAL PRESENT GOD is always at work in and through us each day in ministry at Cross Lutheran Church and School.  Without Jesus, we’re just another excellent choice for education in the New Braunfels area.  With Jesus, we’re a lighthouse that send His love out into the community as we share His saving grace with kids and their families.  We do what we do with excellence because everything we do is to give glory to God.  May Jesus always be the center of our school ministry as well as the other important work we do as a congregation.

H is for Help.  As a congregation, we are doing amazing things through our various ministries—including our school ministry.  To keep doing school ministry well, we need your help!  There are lots of ways to bless our school ministry.  Pray!  Pray that God would use our school to impact the world in powerful ways.  Share!  Share your gifts with the school ministry.  Have a talent or a skill that might bless some of our students?  Let us know so we can plug you in!  Want to help a student/family in need?  Donate to the Tuition Assistance fund.  Show Up!  There are lots of school ministry events throughout the year.  Just by attending these, you show our families that that they are important to you.  The gift of your time is a huge blessing, especially to families new to our area.  

Thanks for all you do to help our school ministry continue to march out into the world.  Be sure to check out some of these upcoming events for some great opportunities to get to know/grow the school ministry family:

     PSIA District 7A Meet @ Cross Saturday, March 2, 2019  
     Martin Luther High School Band Concert
Tuesday, March 19 @ 7pm
Saturday, April 6

I look forward to seeing the Real. Present. YOU. there as we serve our Real. Present. God. together!

Blessings,      Corey Brandenburger, Principal


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