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On The Occasion of the Retirement from the Teaching Ministry
Of Mrs. Joan Murken
21 years – Cross Lutheran School

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  “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 
Matthew 25:23 – ESV


Okay, I’ll state right up front:  Joan, my dear sister in Christ, please allow me to put the spotlight on you, just a little bit…for just a little bit!

There is quite a bit of transitory-ness in congregational life and ministry.  What I mean by that is there are many folks who are part of the Cross Family today who do not know what it was like for you to begin (or, more accurately, to be part of re-starting) Cross Lutheran School at 169 S. Hickory, 21 years ago!  The “Quilters Cottage” that housed your first classroom isn’t even on that property anymore.  It, along with the “Youth Cottage,” got sold, moved over by Schlitterbahn, and were re-constructed into a single family home.

But you and your three students:  Steven, Hank, and Stewart, moved ahead!  Thank you.  Thank you for your patience and endurance.  Student by student, year by year.  The lives you’ve touched—and that have touched you—are blessings from our good and gracious God.  As Jesus said:  “Well done…”  And, I know that you want to defer the attention off of yourself, and onto Him.  As Christ also says:  “So you also, when you have done all that you were commanded, say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done what was our duty.’” – Luke 17:10 

So, one more time I—along with the entire Cross Lutheran Church & School Ministry—say to you:  Thank you for the faithful carrying out of your ministry duty here in this place!  God’s rich blessings to you & Mike in your retirement!

Welcome to the month of May!  As we enter this month, and prepare to enter into summer, more of that transitory nature of life will continue.  A Graduation?  A Wedding?  A change of workplace, home, or school?  Vacation?  Things planned and unplanned; things we hope will happen and perhaps hope won’t happen.  Through it all, our Lord Jesus remains, rules, and reigns.  That is why we gather each and every Sunday to receive the gifts of God in Word and Sacraments.  We rejoice to receive the spiritual resources that we need to encounter every day by His grace—to continue to grow in letting the peace of Christ rule in our hearts, and the Word of Christ dwell in us richly (Colossians 3:15-16).

     See you in church!

     In the name Christ, in Whom we are one,
     Pastor Don Fraker – Colossians 3:15


Commending of Self Prayer

Blessed Lord Christ, I commend myself to Your direction and care today.  May I speak with Your tongue, work with Your hands, walk with Your feet, feel with Your heart, think with Your thoughts and breathe with Your Spirit.  Amen.

(by John Baillie – 1886-1960)


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