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God’s Kingdom Is Great In 2-0-1-8

“The kingdom of God is…righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

Romans 14:17

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God’s blessings, God’s peace, and thank you!

     Well, Hailey Jo, this chapter of your ministry draws to a close.  It has gone quickly for me!  Nine Aprils ago—I flew up to Concordia University Nebraska to meet you and to begin our relationship and friendship and partnership in the ministry of Cross.  You have touched and been a part of many, many lives since then—beginning with mine!  Learning and growing in Word and faith is the way of we who follow Jesus—and your zeal, desire, and joy in doing that and encouraging others in doing that has always been contagious!  It will certainly continue as the Lord moves you from New Braunfels, up to your new home and place of ministry in Sioux Falls.

     My heart is filled with thanks and appreciation.  Thanksgiving, and, of course, praise—to God, from Whom all blessings flow.  I thank Him for the time that you and your family have been part of the family and ministry at Cross.  It is the nature of ministry that from time to time the Lord sees fit to move in to and then sometimes out of our lives various people as we work together to build His kingdom.  So, it continues to be true that it is both sad and happy.  Sadness in your departure and saying goodbye; happiness in knowing the guidance and will of the Lord of the Church, as He takes you to where you can best serve Him at this time…and as He blesses us moving forward—with the best way we can serve Him here in this place!

     It has been my privilege, and a great joy to serve with you!  I pray that you will know the presence, power, and peace of our Lord Jesus all the days of your life—and on into eternity, where we who have walked and served together will know the joy of being with Jesus and celebrating His amazing grace and love for eternity.

     Between now and then, may the Lord bless and guide your departure and protect your travel to your new home and place of ministry.  Jesus loves you, and I love you, too, my sister in Christ.  God be with you till we meet again!  

In the peace of Christ’s kingdom, and joy in the Holy Spirit—

                  Pastor Don Fraker – Romans 14:17



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