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"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly…”
Colossians 3:15-17 – ESV

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An Open Letter –
To my new partner in Ministry – Pastor Mark A. Harris

Dear brother in Christ and colleague, Pastor Harris,

The Lord be with you!  I continue to thank God for His guidance and blessing.  He has directed the Cross Family to extend a Divine Call to you; He has directed you to accept that Call and move your family, life, and ministry to Cross, New Braunfels.  We rejoice!  We look forward to you beginning your service as our Associate Pastor here.

And, personally, I look forward to beginning a team ministry here that will do many things all at once:  trust the Lord for His guidance, blessing and peace; look to Him to direct our ways; rely on His Spirit to continue to give each of us much grace in our lives of service to Christ as we serve one another and our church family in His love; build the kingdom of God here in this place through the proclamation of His Word; and—significantly and most importantly—give the Lord all the praise and glory…all the time!

In a sense, this will be a “return” for me—I was in a team ministry my first four years as an associate pastor in Iowa.  Okay, so it was 36 years ago—and the geography and the culture have changed (can you imagine…no personal electronic devices…and no Internet?!?).  But what has not changed is the Word of our Lord Jesus, His love for us that knows no bounds, and His forgiving grace that is given to us through Word and Sacraments without condition and without end!

I look forward to the lock-step, like-minded, totally-synchronous ways that we will serve what I know and love as an amazing, loving, gracious and generous group of God’s people—the Cross Family!  Our “team” ministry will be characterized by the power of the Holy Spirit working in the Word of Jesus Christ, who is the same “yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).  And, of course, I also look forward to the dynamically different, wonderfully harmonious ways that we will serve side-by-side here in this place—doing aspects of ministry in the unique ways that the Holy Spirit has gifted the two of us to do them!

Mark, these things I pledge to you:  grace, love, joy, forgiveness, support, and trust.  I promise you encouragement, collaboration, honesty, and integrity.  These things I pledge, ever thankful for the grace that will flow from God’s Word to and through each of us—especially in the times that we flounder and fail and fall. 

This I will do, in the name and by the power of our gracious and loving Lord, in Whom we are one in Christ, in ministry, and in mission.  Sharon and I say welcome!

Oh, and I can’t wait to actually say to you and yours:  See you in church!

In the name of Jesus, in Whom we are one,
Pastor Don Fraker 

Commending of Self Prayer

Blessed Lord Christ, I commend myself to Your direction and care today.  May I speak with Your tongue, work with Your hands, walk with Your feet, feel with Your heart, think with Your thoughts and breathe with Your Spirit.  Amen.

(by John Baillie – 1886-1960)


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