Adult Choir
The adult choir meets each Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. for practice in the Choir Room of the Church Sanctuary. They do not meet during July and August.
Choir Director is Mary Miller.

Adult Bell Choirs
Grace Notes
An adult Bell Choir, directed by Gene Brison (830-914-3436). They meet each Wednesday evening. They do not meet during July and August.
Glory Notes
This bell choir meets each Wednesday afternoon, September through Easter. It is under the direction of Paula Luckemeyer.

Youth Bell Choirs
Quarter Notes
Grades 2 through 4, meet each Wednesday, September through Easter. Directed by
Paula Luckemeyer.
Half Notes
Grades 5 through 8, meet each Wednesday from September through Easter. Directed by 
Paula Luckemeyer.

Praise Notes
For Senior Youth, meets on Sunday evening, September through Easter. 

Times are announced in the Cross Ties on the calendar and also in the Sunday bulletin. The bell choirs all meet in Sanctuary for practices. Bell Choirs are limited in enrollment and returning ringers have priority.

Various ensembles and soloists also accompany the choir on occasion.

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