Director of Christian Education Message

After a horrible trip to the store, I was driving home just listening to a screaming two-year-old, and asking myself this question, “Where did I mess up in raising her, that she acts out like this?” I mean, I must have screwed up somewhere right? She’s a product of the home she grows up in and the parents who raise her. I made the wrong decision somewhere and it’s probably too late for me to fix it for her, but maybe not too late for my four-month-old. 

I cannot possibly be the only one in this world or in this church that wonders if I messed up so big along the line that there’s no hope for a better outcome. Thank God that this moment took place during the time when I’m immersed in planning for Christmas and talking about the birth of Jesus! That’s right people, JESUS! There’s our hope! Our better outcome; our second chance is in HIM. I don’t have to keep having children to one day get it right. And I don’t have to give up when my child refuses to sit down in her car seat. God reminds us through the celebration of Jesus’ birth that “his mercies are new each morning,” (Lamentations 3:22-23) and “the testing of your faith produces steadfastness,” (James 1: 3). I can endure parenthood, not because I do all the right things, but because God has already done the best thing. You can endure your trials because God is working through the very worst of us to show the very best of Him. 

I’m praying this Christmas God grants you his peace and that His peace will cover all kinds of doubts and frustrations. I love you all and from the Miller family to yours, Merry Christmas. 

Ways to get involved this month:
Nov 29th, Dec 6th & 13th; 6pm-6:45pm
Sunday School Christmas program practices will take place in the choir room located in the Fellowship Center these three Wednesdays. Other practices will take place during Opening and Sunday School every Sunday morning. 

Dec 16th; 9am-12pm
Sunday School Christmas program dress rehearsal will take place in the Fellowship Center. Please make sure your child attends. Lunch will be provided.

Dec 17th; 10am
Sunday School Christmas Program

Dec 9th
Youth Group Christmas Party
Our yearly Christmas party at DCE Hailey’s house! More information will be sent home.

Dec 19th
Family Life Ministry Christmas Party
Buy tickets in the office or from any FLM board member. Seating is limited!

In Christ,
Hailey Jo Miller 

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