Director of Christian Education Message

Grit. When I think of the word I picture sitting on the couch with my dad watching the roughest, toughest cowboy out there: John Wayne. But grit is so much more than riding horses and being tough with people. It’s thriving when the pressure is on and having a never-gonna-give-up attitude. Our very human nature doesn’t always encourage us to have grit. Very often our nature tells us to give up and walk away. Because it’s so much easier. And, really, that’s a lie. It’s not easier to walk away. It’s a temporary relief to a much longer road to healing. Just imagine the things that could be different if our first inclination was to have grit. Our marriages would last longer, our children would be different, and there would be less reason to church shop. 

Our perfect example of grit is Jesus Christ, of course. The man showed true grit (pun intended) when He obeyed God and died on the cross. To choose to endure pain and suffering for the greater good of others was grit in its purest form! What can we learn from that example? To have grit in our marriage; to recognize that the commitment is way more important than the ebb and flow of emotion. It also means doing whatever it takes to keep that commitment. It means being consistent with our children so that they are better prepared to love others and serve the Lord. It means not giving up on your church because it’s made up of people who need Jesus. That, my friends, will never change. 

This month I’m praying for you and your families; that we can practice life with a little more grit like Jesus. And that we can be as cool as John Wayne. Maybe more of the first and a little of the second. 

“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” James 1: 12

Here’s what’s going on in this neck of the woods:

CrossWalk and Devo & Fello: Every Wednesdays, from 6-7pm, we meet and play and grow in our faith in Christ. Kids, Kinder-high school are invited!

Pre-Confirmation Retreat: October 13-15, we’ll be taking our 7th grade confirmation students to Camp Lone Star for the annual retreat! Keep all the girls in your prayers. 

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